2 Replies to “Independent investigation into 2021 Oxford High shooting released”

  1. It is incredibly upsetting that this specific shooting was avoidable. School shooting especially are such a large problem in the United States, that this is something that all schools should not only prioritize, but almost expect. Schools put such an emphasis on discipline, and never have a problem suspending a student. So, the fact that something like this was overlooked is honestly surprising. My question is, Should all parties involved in the school be fired? Or at least disciplined in some way? I also feel like a situation like this could easily be a law suit.

    1. I agree with you that it is very upsetting that this shooting could have been avoided. I don’t know that all parties involved with the threat assessment policies should be fired but they should be at least disciplined. It would depend on what Ethan Crumbley had said. If he was making direct threats or even indirect threats, then they most certainly should have been able to stop the shooter. I would understand how he was able to slip through if he was only making vague statements then it would have been easier to ignore. Overall, this shooting was stoppable it is a tragedy Ethan Crumbley was not stopped before opening fire in his school.

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