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  1. How have poor income families historically been mistreated by the criminal justice system, and what does the “Lights On!” program in East Aldine, Texas, signify for a more restorative approach? For disadvantaged families, the criminal justice system often compounds their economic struggles, as minor infractions like broken vehicle lights can result in costly fines. These fines place an undue burden on already tight budgets, forcing families to choose between essential needs. The “Lights On!” program instead represents a compassionate departure from punitive measures. By offering repair vouchers instead of citations, it not only alleviates financial stress but also restores a sense of fairness. This initiative acknowledges that poverty should not lead to further hardship and strives to uplift vulnerable communities. Its future potential lies in reshaping how society addresses minor offenses, aiming to break the cycle of poverty and punitive measures by fostering empathy, community support, and economic stability for those who need it most. I think this represents an extraordinary means to address the ongoing issues within the current prison system, where individuals of lower socioeconomic status, particularly those from Black communities, are disproportionately targeted.

    1. The “Lights On!” program seems to be a step in the right direction to help, instead of punish, individuals who cannot afford to repair their vehicles. Especially seeing how much our economy relies on vehicular transportation, being fined for damages to a vehicle can put a struggling person in a worse place. Instead of putting individuals in a harder spot financially, and possibly legally, these vouchers from law enforcement allow them to properly fix their vehicles and offer a positive experience from the police department. This could help with building a bond with the community while also helping it. Overall this decision seems beneficial and I would like to see the long term effects of programs like it.

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