3 Replies to “US announces sweeping action against Chinese fentanyl supply chain producers”

  1. It is good to see our government taking some real action against the fentanyl epidemic. Our government has charged several Chinese companies and indited 12 more for the manufacture and distribution of the chemicals necessary to create fentanyl. They should hopefully slow the epidemic, which could save thousands of lives. If this “crackdown” makes a real impact it should save many lives and also help reduce the burden on law enforcement and other first responders. Until now it feels like our government has done little to counteract the fentanyl epidemic leaving local law enforcement agencies to try to pick up the pieces. It is encouraging to see our government take some real action and hopefully it will make a difference.

    1. I agree that it is good that the government is finally taking the fentanyl issue seriously. They need to charge all companies involved with the problem. This is something that could definitely save so many lives. With this being said Narcan still needs to be advertised and given away as well as sold. Even if the problem becomes smaller it is still an issue. This crisis is very important and it has been pushed under the rug far too long. It is about time the government steps up and does something about it.

  2. We have had a fentanyl issue in the US for quite some time, I read that we know that most the supplies for making this drug as well as weapon suppliers and so on do come from Mexico and China, more recently we have found some links to Canada too. I am glad we have found some of the companies linked to importing the chemicals to make fentanyl so we can crack down on this epidemic. My question is why we haven’t been able to find these links sooner, if we had a general idea of where they have been coming from? I know they also mention that anyone benefitting from the money earned from selling these products, their assets would be taken. I know a lot of cartel have family including younger children. Most of these kids have no idea what is going on, how will this effect them?

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