3 Replies to “Gun homicides and suicides in US children and teens are at a record high | CNN”

  1. Why are Black children disproportionately affected by gun violence than any other race? This issue is one that can be attributed to a complex interplay of societal, economic, and racial factors. Systemic racism disproportionately affects Black communities, leading to higher levels of poverty, limited access to quality education, and reduced economic opportunities. These conditions can contribute to higher rates of crime and violence, making Black children more susceptible to gun violence. The U.S. also has some of the most lax gun control laws, and that accessibility contributes to more children and adults having access to guns. The article mentions that while school shootings decreased during the time of COVID-19, mental health issues spiked. Some children may have resorted to self-harm or acts of violence during this time and access to firearms during times of crisis can lead to tragic outcomes. Addressing this complex issue requires a multi-faceted approach, including gun control reform, investments in marginalized communities, improved access to mental health services, and comprehensive education reform. It is crucial to address the root causes of gun violence to protect the lives of all children, regardless of their racial background.

    1. How do we address the root causes of gun violence? I completely agree this country has a problem with gun violence but I’m not sure what the answer is. Should we ban all gun sales tomorrow? This could have an impact, but I am not sure how effective it would be. The root cause of is probably the fact we already have so many guns in this country. I believe many European countries gun control has been effective because the guns were never there to begin with. If we stop the legal sale of firearms that will just open the door to a booming black market. I don’t see how we can do a “gun round up” and even if we could I think we would see an enormous influx of guns being trafficked over the border of Mexico. generally, our gun control is stricter now than it has ever been, but gun violence numbers continue to rise. There is a defiant gun violence problem in America but I’m not sure that more gun control is the solution to the problem.

      1. I agree that banning all gun sales will only make the desire and urge for more guns rise, as well as tensions between those who are pro-gun and those who aren’t. Not to mention, I don’t think we’d ever get to a point where saying “we have a gun problem” would be met with a resounding “absolutely; let’s change that”; we’ve seen that there are those who will go to extreme measures just to keep their guns. In the U.S- a country that’s incredibly individualistic- it’s nearly impossible for there to be a simple issue of “we have a gun problem; this is how we can solve it.” I feel as if it’s something that’ll lead to something much worse before it leads to anything good for this country.

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