2 Replies to “U.S. school shootings reach second year of record-highs”

  1. In the United States school shootings have reached new highs, and the rates of them increase every year. Gun laws in the U.S. are disputed as they are a 2nd Amendment right, and many believe that restrictions on gun laws violate that. Others call for more intense gun laws to prevent the danger our society seems to be in. The real question is why are schools the target, why are secondary and elementary schools paying the price for the actions of adults? What can we do to prevent the rising number of school shootings? What other measure can be put into place to better protect our citizens?

    1. The rise in numbers of school shootings is terrible. Elementary schools and middle schools should not be a target of any violence such as shootings. One thing we can do is put metal detectors in schools. Another thing we can do is have a double door system where there is an unlocked door to come into and sign in and show identification as well as walking through a metal detector. The second set of doors should only be able to be unlocked from the inside. This of course would take money which most school systems don’t have. It would definitely be a start though.

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