4 Replies to “The latest shooting at UNC puts focus on America’s unique, enduring gun problem – Vox”

  1. Gun control and policing create a unique intersection of tension within the right wing of American politics. Support for and belief in both guns and the police are associated with the Republican party whilst both have been under attack from the Democratic party. Given this article and the information we know about guns, there is an incredibly strong argument to be made that gun reforms would keep both citizens and police safer. So, how do police and the republican party bridge the gap between upholding their constituent’s desires, whilst also making decisions in the best interest of police and society as a whole?

    1. I absolutely agree with you, gun control is a major issue in America and it seems like there is just shooting after shooting going on at schools and other places. Gun control is also closely tied with politics and our 2nd amendment rights. People over look this though as their right to own military style guns when you really only need something small and simple for self protection. There is not enough watch and protection on how guns are being bought and sold through individuals and having the proper permits and certifications. The question you have brought up is one that could be solved, and needs to be solved, but cannot be until people can come to an agreement and quit being ignorant.

    2. I agree with you. Like I said, I am tired of waking up and seeing a new shooting now, if seems like every week. People talk more and more the more it seems to happen but not a lot has been done about it. LEO, The Armed service, security professionals, ect need firearms to operate as it is their duty to enforce and protect. Now a criminal can get a gun whenever they usually want, and you can buy one on almost any licensed corner store now; when will it end? will it ever end? How much longer are we going to blame everything else except trying to keep innocent people from dying? I’m saying that in the sense that it seems politicians can never agree on one solution and it seems to stalemate everytime

  2. What is there to blame for this problem? Yes it is the mass possession of firearms. You have a dhictomy though that no matter how regulated or illegal something can become, i.e a firearm, there will always be a criminal that can procure one. After all, criminals don’t care about breaking the law. I would say one of the only places in the US where a civilian should carry a firearm would be Alaska. I have been to Alaska. It’s mostly a frozen and forested region that has extremely small towns hundreds of miles apart. You need a firearm up there for survival against wildlife that could kill you at any moment. You can have the argument of personal protection, i.e defending against a robber, attacker or ect but then you need a lot of definitions and regulations to regulate that allowance. Many people want to claim they wait to have a firearm to stop a mass shooter, when in reality many may freeze in flight or fight, and statistically only 15% of outside help stopped a shooter. I am not a law maker, I don’t have all the statistics, but I am tired of waking up and seeing a new shooting at a school almost ever week. This one at UNC was close to home.

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