5 Replies to “Leading the digital beat: LAPD’s deputy chief talks technology’s role in shaping the future of policing”

  1. The implementation of tech and AI into policing could be a major factor in increasing efficiency within departments. After all, having what is essentially auto-fill technology that can identify individuals in body cam footage and keep everything cataloged is a huge time saver. However, I do legitimately worry about the possibility of data on citizens building up over time and being used in an attempt to predict crime in an unjust way. Is an AI system like this worth trying for efficiency purposes? Is it even possible to keep this tech out of policing considering how commonplace it is in other sectors?

    1. Ethan, I think that AI is quickly becoming the potential solution to a multitude of problems. Perhaps it is too quick to be using AI for everything, especially sensitive areas such as national defense and policing. There are a few considerations, such as the potential of tampering, or an AI becoming problematic and ruining years of progress. In my opinion, it would be best to have plenty of overwatch from humans, to ensure that the use of AI is well protected and unproblematic.

  2. My only issue with this concept is how they will get the funding for this. Obviously from the public but utilizing taxes but realistically what would the backlash of higher taxes (if any) would be. While it is true that these new technologies could potentially assist in the reduction of admin work for police officers allowing more time in the field, the cost of any new technology will always be high during it’s infancy and things like AI are just barely getting more complex so research and development into AI would be needed either by the PD or by some other research and development company/insitution. Also if this AI is plugged into a whole database system that could also increase the cost of this project. What happens if someone hacks into the AI database that is filled with all the personal information? The database will then need to be encrypted which would also increase the cost of something as novel as this. More research and development and possible testing would be needed before this could come into any service.

    1. I think that you raise a lot of important concerns regarding AI. I don’t believe that law enforcement necessarily has the resources to prevent data breaches to minimize the risk of a personal information leak. Additionally, I would assume that instead of increasing taxes that departments would do their best to reallocate money to fund this. Otherwise I feel it would be very difficult for the community to support this program as the cons would greatly outweigh the pros.

      1. Resources are often the downfall of a new program or tool. I think raising money for technological advancements is expensive and often not prioritized. However, in the modern age technology is playing a larger role in our country therefore I think over time technology advancements and research will be prioritized because they will be the main source for solving conflicts. Technology has also seen an advancement in using renewable sources which should help with the cost of maintaining its stability and increase reliability. A problem I think will arise is open-mindedness from employees to take the time to learn how to use the technology because we are still in a time where older generations are not fans of the technology advancements.

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