Hickory Officer Kills Family while Chasing Motorcycle

A mother and son were killed after a police car crashed into them while chasing a suspect in Hickory.

The family was hit by a police car while officers were chasing a suspect. The boy’s mother, 38-year-old Cynthia Fox, also died in the crash.

On Friday, a Hickory police car t-boned Fox’s minivan on 13th Avenue Southwest near the Longview neighborhood. Fox died on Friday, and her son Michael passed away on Sunday afternoon.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Hickory officer was following a motorcycle that was being driven recklessly when the accident happened.

Worley only has one question about the entire incident: Why did the officer decide to pursue the motorcycle?

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3 Replies to “Hickory Officer Kills Family while Chasing Motorcycle”

  1. Should the officer in question be charged criminally for the death of this mother and son? An officer in an SUV was in pursuit of a motorcycle driver who had no tags and was being reckless. Officers are supposed to use their discretion in these situations to decide whether or not a chase would be the safest and most effective way of handling the situation. At this moment the officer decided it would be a good idea to chase the motorcycle. While in pursuit officers are only allowed to go through redlights/stops signs after slowing down to make sure it is safe. In this case the officer had to have gone through a red light even though there was no dash camera footage because the mother and son had a greenlight when they were t-boned. This means the officer did not slow down and look at his surroundings. If the officer would have followed the guidelines this mother and son would be alive today. I believe that the officer should have some form of consequences, even though he might not have meant to crash into these people they lost their lives. He needs to be held accountable for that.

    1. Laci, what NC law do you think would fit the circumstances here? Is it possible that civil liability is more appropriate?

    2. Hello Laci, I completely agree with you. As we spoke about this in class, the point was brought up that in Hickory’s police department they are actually advised NOT to pursue motorcyclists because it is dangerous, and a motorcycle can easily outrun a cop car. I thought it was ridiculous as we kept continuing to get more information in class that the police officer’s sergeant I believe was actually a passenger and allowed the chase to go on. I think this was completely reckless and shows that this officer as well as his sergeant should not have this job if they do not understand rules concerning safety of the community. I think this could definitely be a case of civil liability, but I do not think these men deserve to continue to be police officers after taking two innocent lives for some sort of ego boost.

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