Fearing political violence, more states ban firearms at polling places • Stateline

Facing increased threats to election workers and superheated political rhetoric from former President Donald Trump and his supporters, more states are considering firearm bans at polling places and ballot drop boxes ahead of November’s presidential election.

This month, New Mexico became the latest state to restrict guns where people vote or hand in ballots, joining at least 21 other states with similar laws — some banning either open or concealed carry but most banning both.

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  1. Does the banning of firearms at polling places constitute a violate of our 2nd amendment rights? Whilst many other government buildings have regulations similar to this, polling places are not always gun free zones. Typically, both polling a voting can vary in the type of building it is in, and in rural areas, it could be almost anywhere that has the space for it. Political violence is a valid concern, and one that has become a reality , especially in recent years. However, is it necessary to prohibit firearms in these areas? Additionally, what kind of public response will this garner, or possible political response?

    1. I think this is a tough situation because, like you said, we already do not allow firearms in most government buildings. I think that if polling is being conducted in a government building then firearms shouldn’t be allowed. If there is an issue with that then perhaps those statutes need to be addressed separately. If voting is taking place in a non-government building then I would say that firearms should be allowed. The only issue that arises is when people might feel intimidated while voting and cause them to leave and not vote. I think that it all boils down to just properly conducting background checks and developing a solid vetting process for firearm owners and then giving owners more freedom in what they can carry and where they can carry their firearms.

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