One Reply to “Cities crack down on homeless encampments. Advocates say that’s not the answer”

  1. Does cracking down on homelessness bring rise to conflicts or violate the privacy rights of sead ‘Home’? For the homeless, these tents are their homes. With the more recent events of the affordable housing crisis, many people are becoming homeless. Many cities are not providing homeless shelters or affordable housing many results in sleeping on the streets. With more and more cities cracking down on homeless camps many people become angered by the means of how they’re treating these people. These people have the same rights as you and me, but by tearing down these camps they lose their privacy rights. Many of these teardowns are done violently causing conflicts between them and the police. I’ll leave you with a question. Do you believe that the homeless have the same rights as we do? Taxpaying, law obeying citizens.

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