US Supreme Court leans toward allowing domestic-violence gun restrictions

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared inclined to uphold the legality of a federal law that makes it a crime for people under domestic violence restraining orders to have guns in the latest major case to test the willingness of its conservative majority to further expand gun rights.

The justices heard arguments in an appeal by President Joe Biden’s administration of a lower court’s ruling striking down the law – intended to protect victims of domestic abuse – as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.”

Full story: US Supreme Court leans toward allowing domestic-violence gun curbs

2 Replies to “US Supreme Court leans toward allowing domestic-violence gun restrictions”

  1. Much like the surveillance technology we have been talking about in class, this is a question of how much freedom are we willing to give up for safety. This could be seen as a violation of the 2nd amendment, but would it be for the worse? If we can keep people safe by restricting people with domestic violence restraining orders and charges from buying a gun why wouldn’t we? Yes, we have the right to bear arms, but we also screen people before allowing them to buy guns. We could just add this to the screening process. If there are other reasons people can’t buy guns what is the harm in adding this to the list? This could save many lives and save partners from being harmed. Are you willing to give up some freedom for the safety of many?

    1. Hi Laci! I couldn’t agree with you more! A huge problem in this society is the lack of restriction on gun control. Specifically with the vast amount of shootings we have in this country. Something like this should not even be a question!

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