3 Replies to “As carjackings rise, food delivery drivers navigate harrowing risks”

  1. With the rise of carjackings, how might the police go about fighting these acts of crime? Can these new changes cause challenges for police? Or will these changes cause more crime? The police could in place new policies and preventions to make the streets safer for delivery drivers. With the rise of crime within cities the police could put out more patrol officers out. But, with putting out more portal officers comes money. What if a city doesn’t have this kind of money to be spending on patrol officers? This might cause a problem for rural cities. With more police presence these changes should decrease the amount of crime. With the decrease in crime, the community might feel safe once again.

    1. I agree with the fact that something should be done about this issue and you bring a good point that more officers or better policy often costs money. This issue of supply and demand, of sorts, made me think about the article I read about the Minneapolis staffing issue. It is becoming very common for police forces around the nation to have staffing and or funding issues which in turn hurts not only the officers working in the force but the community they are serving, in this case, delivery drivers. I’m not entirely sure that more policy would solve the issue but a decrease in crime would definitely make the community feel safer.

    2. Placing new policies and preventions to make the streets safer is a good idea. However, there have been studies in which the placement of more police officers around the city did not cause a decrease in crime. Depending on the city the probability of community and law enforcement often does not have the best relationship. Places with high crime often find ways to handle their criminal activity to keep them from being caught. There might even be crooked cops that help them execute plans as that is not a new thing in law enforcement. Therefore I think with the development of technology there could be a new app or way to increase safety when it comes to the safety of food drivers although there could be a counterargument such as hacking, that could be a step toward improvement while a more definite solution can be placed.

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