Video: Kenosha police rescue woman from rocky shoreline, ‘Let me die’

Kenosha police released video showing a harrowing rescue along a rocky Lake Michigan shoreline on Friday.

Posted to YouTube, the police department’s video shows officers trying to use rope to help the stranded woman out of the water.

The video shows the choppy water pushing her against the rocks. She tries to keep herself off while also trying to grab a hold of the rope being offered by the cops.

Full story: Video: Kenosha police rescue woman from rocky shoreline, ‘Let me die’

2 Replies to “Video: Kenosha police rescue woman from rocky shoreline, ‘Let me die’”

  1. Watching this video was disturbing and frustrating for me. This incident is clearly mental health related and police officers are clearly not mental health professionals. Should police be responsible for calls of this nature? Or should more money and effort be put into services to help divert calls to the police? Perhaps if we reallocated 1 or 2 of the 800 Billion dollars currently funding our military into adequate mental health facilities and training mental health response teams, police could focus on preventing and stopping crime rather than being a “catch-all” service for any and all problems in society.

    1. Hi Bree! I completely agree with you on this topic. I do think that mental health professionals should have intervened in this specific situation. I feel there should be an emergency service made specifically for calls related to mental health disturbances, because this seems like a clear suicide attempt. I will say, I think the police officers did their best with the resources and information they were given to help this woman! I would assume she was put in a psychiatric hold shortly after they got her out, but there were no other details found about that after the article.

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