3 Replies to “‘Too many’: HPD Chief Finner reveals revised version of chase policy amid growing number of pursuits”

  1. Police and other civilians have been getting seriously injured or even dying from some police chase pursuits. I know that from the article, Houston PD has been placing stricter orders to prevent officers from doing some pursuits and my question is that, are these orders going to actually stop some officers from continuing a pursuit? Many police officers take their job seriously and want to prevent crime from happening. Officers may think a situation won’t end up as bad as it will, or that they can handle it. Yet many are getting seriously injured and in the case from this story, a sergeants mother died from being hit by two idiots who stole cars.

    1. That was my question. An Officers biggest tool is their discretion. I’m sure even a rookie would give chase if it’s bad enough. Many officers are proactive and want to prevent crime and yes, take their jobs seriously. They’re supposed to, their life and others depends on it. I have a feeling though the more they don’t allow chases the more crime will rise, as it’d literally enabling them.

  2. All these people run mostly on minor traffic offenses and turn it into some huge felonious case involving probably having to get pitted, endangering all lives, wasting time, resources and risking death. I mean really, are you that afraid, and are you that dumb that you run thinking you can escape? We DEFINITELY need to increase the penalty severely for chases and stop allowing the criminals out on low cash bail, just to do it AGAIN. It’s endangering EVERYONE.

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