3 Replies to “The number of guns found in U.S. schools has spiked, The Post found”

  1. This article discusses the rising amount of firearms brought into schools in America. A reported 1,150 firearms to be exact according to the article, and the writer would assume that the number is even higher than being reported. My opinion on this is that Law enforcement in the listed scenarios are doing surprisingly well to prevent shootings. While it’s not always the case, the fact that law enforcement have been able to confiscate over one thousand firearms without causing a major incident is good. Although obviously it is not good for kids and teenagers to bring firearms at all into their school. In regards to Law Enforcement, in the incidents provided by the article, they are doing their job effectively to stop the majority of people who bring firearms to school. But ultimately it goes beyond Law Enforcement to make a change. Therefore my question is, what can police and resource officers do to lower the amount of firearms brought into school?

    1. Hi Thomas, I absolutely agree with you in the fact that I wish there was more ways police and resource officers could limit the amount of guns coming into schools. School shootings are unfortunately such a prevalent thing in the U.S. I honestly think we sound be taking better and more stricter measures to ensure guns aren’t making it into schools. Could we have students and visitors come through metal detectors when arriving into the building? Is there better safety measures that could happen at home so that children are not getting ahold of guns that are in the household?

  2. What can we do to keep students safe from firearms? Over 1,000 guns have been found on school grounds in the United States. There are many possible safety precautions we could use. The only problem is they are not affordable for every school’s budget. We could insert preventative measures such as two sets of doors in school entrances. The first set would be unlocked and the second one locked until you have checked in with someone from the office. In addition, we could insert metal detectors in between doors. This would be extremely expensive and might make it harder for students to attend class on time. In addition, more staff would have to be hired in order to operate and maintain these safety procedures. Some schools have implemented a clear bag policy which can be beneficial, but it has its flaws. Not every student can afford to change to a new book bag that is clear. This would have to be provided by the school if the student could not afford it. The school systems themselves do not have the money for these safety features. Something more cost-effective would have to be thought of.

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