6 Replies to “Texas wanted armed officers at every school after Uvalde. Many can’t meet that standard | AP News”

  1. This article brought up great points, relating to the multitude of school shootings the US has had in the past. In my opinion, I do not think multiple cops are necessary in schools, but if there are police on the grounds, they should not be doing the job of administrators. My question is, is it necessary to use the police budget to put cops in every school, or is it necessary to put money towards structural changes in schools, and take out glass walls, and put in double door security measures in schools? It seems that a majority of these establishments are not using preventative measures for shooters. It’s difficult to have a school shooting when the shooter does not have any way to enter the building.

    1. Anastasia, I completely agree with your question. It’s interesting how the first response to guns is more guns rather than restructuring and rebuilding. It is also imperative that officers be doing their job rather than the administrations if they will be present in schools. What do you think the effect of staff and teachers carrying guns? Is it a better choice to allow teachers and staff to defend themselves and students, when police officers cannot be present?

    2. I agree with you. 75,000 per school needed JUST for one officer, and they want to take that out of the police budget? From what it’s stating the budget is almost non existent as it is. Why can’t we get Armored entrances or something like to keep the “bad guys” out and not have to spend millions of dollars we don’t have. I’m sure having an armed officer in a school will certainly make students think they’re in danger, and therefore the students would probably develop more depression than they have from these events. The question is what can we do?

    3. Hi Anastasia, I agree with you in the fact that we should have money towards more structrual changes, with heavy duty doors. I also think that schools could have locked doors and student have a pass that they scan, almost like dorms, to get into the school to try and minimize unwanted people from entering the building. Police officers have more important duties than standing guard at schools. School shootings are such an issue in America and its quite sad, yet it should not be put onto police officers because we have such looney people!

  2. Why is the answer if something doesn’t work, Use gun. If that doesn’t work, use more gun. 75,000 needed for each additional officer per school per the Abbott bill… Why don’t we put Armored glass and not have armed officers in a school, where kids will see them and think “if they have a gun that must mean I’m in danger”; and plunge them into depression. We are all hurt from these mass shootings, all students hurt too. It’s definitely a scary thought going to school and wondering if it would happen today, which I’m sure alot of those students think. LEO pay is already pretty bad. You definitely won’t get rich in this job. It states even a Minnesota Precinct quit after its horrible pay, and they want to pay 75k more per school? How far can you stretch the dollar?

  3. I agree that the article brought up good points. I agree that cops probably aren’t the right people to discipline students in school. The question of whether or not the police budget should be used to put officers in schools has good arguments for both sides. If there was an active shooter on campus having an officer already there would be helpful. On the other hand, taking preventative measures, so we don’t need a cop on campus would also be a good use of money. If we did put the money towards a more secure building we would need to have metal detectors. This could prevent a student from bringing a gun to school.

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