School suspensions can destroy lives. Not all students are able to object.

It’s a fundamental principle of American life: People accused of wrongdoing have a chance to defend themselves. They’re innocent until proven guilty.

That is, unless they’re a child attending a public school.

An NBC News investigation into student discipline policies found that children’s ability to fend off deeply damaging punishments depends on where they live or where their parents send them to school…

Full story: School suspensions can destroy lives. Not all students are able to object.

2 Replies to “School suspensions can destroy lives. Not all students are able to object.”

  1. This article talks about suspension in schools being used as a punishment. Some students are being punished by the schools with suspension even for things that were just accusations. Some students are suspended for things they have not done, but others were in trouble for things they had done. Either way is suspension a good form of punishment in schools? Should students’ ability to learn be taken away from them? I think this depends on whether or not they are a harm to themselves or others. If the student is getting written up for being late because they had to get their younger siblings ready for school, suspension is not a good punishment. No student who is in a situation they cannot control should be denied the right to learn. I can understand if a student has been violent once or multiple times how at that point it would put other students/staff at risk. Other than for safety reasons students shouldn’t be deprived of school. These parents get no opinion or say either. Most parents work during school hours and wouldn’t be able to come pick their kid up or keep them home.

  2. I agree with you. What if their home life is not safe? If they are suspended, they have to stay in that situation even longer. School may be their only escape. What do you think is the best way to counteract these policies? It seems to put parents in a difficult spot unintentionally. Instead of disciplining the student at school they send them home for the parents to deal with. Most students wouldn’t see suspension as a punishment anyways. More like a small vacation.

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