Every course topic and every mode of delivery calls for a different teaching method in order to be effective. That’s why my teaching involves flexibility, but never sacrifices critical thinking. My teaching method is custom-tailored to each and every course I teach.

For face-to-face courses, I like to use a flipped classroom and Team-Based Learning. This technique allows low-level activities, like reading and listening to lectures, to be done at home. The higher-level activities, where concepts are critically applied to difficult, real-world problems, are done in the classroom, where students can get real-time feedback from me and their peers.

Online, I like to model my courses after the peer-review process used in scientific journals. Multiple content formats—including print, podcasts, documentaries, and even feature films—are incorporated into frequent writing assignments. Students anonymously review each other, which I find promotes the kind of deep, constructive, and critical peer-to-peer discussion we often crave—but fail to deliver—in online classrooms.

“Outstanding teacher!”

“Christopher Marier is an outstanding teacher! He is extremely knowledgeable and eager to do whatever he can to make students succeed in his class. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Criminalistics, Spring 2017

“My favorite professor”

“Professor Marier is by far my favorite professor. He is great at what he teaches and does care about his students.”

Criminalistics, Spring 2017

“Excellent instructor”

“Mr. Marier is an excellent instructor. He is knowledgeable, he provokes thought and is effective.”

Deviant Behavior, Spring 2017

“It was great”

“Great class. Thank you. I personally could not think of anything that needed to be changed or added. It was great and relatively easy to complete with having a full work schedule, family, and full school schedule.”

Deviant Behavior, Spring 2017

“I was skeptical…”

“This is my first time taking an online class, and I must admit I was a little skeptical. The syllabus was very thorough and the professor was very helpful and understanding. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in need. Great course, Awesome professor!”

Intro to Criminology, Summer 2017

“Always prepared”

“I have taken one other class with Professor Marier and he is always prepared and engages with the class discussions. I would recommend him to other students.”

Intro to Criminology, Summer 2017

“Excellent instructor!”

“Excellent instructor! Answered any questions and concerns promptly. Also, he interacts well during discussion posts with students.”

Juvenile Delinquency, Fall 2017

“Competent, knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate”

“Professor Marier is extremely competent, knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate!! My favorite over all and I’m in my 3rd semester.”

Juvenile Delinquency, Fall 2017

“I look forward to having Professor Marier for another course”

“Really enjoyed this class and look forward to having Professor Marier in the Spring for another course.”

Juvenile Delinquency, Fall 2017

“Cares about his students”

“Cares about his students. Always leaves comments on every assignment om how to improve or words of encouragement. It has been a pleasure to be in his class.”

Criminal Investigations, Fall 2017

“Profficient and efficient”

“Professor Marier is more than proficient, as well as efficient. He covers the curriculum thoroughly! He is patient and has helped me in several ways.”

Criminal Investigations, Fall 2017

“Professional, courteous, and completely involved”

“I have to say that Chris is professional, courteous and completely involved… I am very happy with the quick responses, speed of grading and input I receive weekly from Chris. My initial goal was to fulfill my 60 credit requirement to test for Sergeant at our agency, but because I feel that the instructors are there to help, I will complete my degree.”

Criminalistics, Spring 2018

“Awesome teacher”

“Awesome smart teacher! Very hands-on; love the discussions and his views on points in the class. Really smart and down to earth guy. I see aspects in life where I can use what he has taught me.”

Intro to Criminology, Spring 2018

“Best professor”

“By far the best professor I have had.”

Intro to Criminology, Spring 2018

“Best instructor I ever had”

“He is the best instructor I ever had. I will keep taking more classes with him.”

Intro to Criminology, Spring 2018

“I LOVED this class!”

” I LOVED this class! The documentary videos really made you connect better with the subject matter. I appreciated that the instructor took the time each week to write something pertaining to the
learning objectives of the week and I really enjoyed the different thoughts the students brought to the discussions. Probably my favorite class this summer!”

Intro to Corrections, Summer 2018

“I learn a lot from each class of his that I take”

“I really like the way this course is laid out, the professor is great and I learn a lot from each class of his that I take.

Intro to Corrections, Summer 2018

“Interesting and very informative”

“All of the lessons were interesting and very informative. All of the discussions were enlightening. Overall the class was a good course.”

Intro to Corrections, Summer 2018

“An asset to this institution”

“I have taken numerous classes during while pursuing this degree and he is a consummate professional and well-structured professor. His courses require you to dig in deep, do research, and respond with clear thoughts. I thank him for his instruction and leadership. He is an asset to this institution..”

Intro to Criminology, Fall 2018

“Informative and professional”

“Very informative and professional Professor. Had a great time in this class.”

Intro to Criminal Justice, Fall 2018

“Teaches respect, compassionate listening, and responsibility”

“His teaching strategy is extremely beneficial to his students, teaching them skills such as: how to formulate responses and communicate them with utmost respect; to listen to others view points on certain subjects and take their opinions into consideration; but most importantly to take responsibility over your own learning.”

Juvenile Delinquency, Spring 2019


“Great teacher. Very intuitive, smart, and active in conversation and class. Professor Marier was an excellent example of someone who makes discussions within the
groups happen. He gets the class involved and is a very fair and reasonable grader. I would take him again if I could. 10/10 would recommend.”

Theories of Criminal Behavior, Fall 2017

“Sincerely seems to care”

“Professor Marier is a fantastic instructor who sincerely seems to care about the subject matter.”

Theories of Criminal Behavior, Fall 2017

“Made class fun and engaging”

“Professor Marier made class very fun and engaging. Great professor.”

Theories of Criminal Behavior, Fall 2017

“Cared about me as a student”

“Professor Marier was one of the few professors that I can say actually cared about me as a student. I felt like he actually wanted me to succeed and was there to assist me.”

Theories of Criminal Behavior, Fall 2017

“I hated this course but loved the professor.”

Theories of Criminal Behavior, Fall 2017

“Challenging, and learned a lot”

“Excellent professor. Never felt like I was doing ‘Busy work.’ Although the class was challenging, I feel like I learned from every single assignment. He was always very quick replying to my emails.”

Critical Issues in Policing, Fall 2018

“Helped me excel”

“Excellent at letting me know what I could work on to make my work excel.”

Critical Issues in Policing, Fall 2018

“I felt truly challenged—thank you.”

“I didn’t expect to love this class but I enjoyed the weekly announcements and feedback. I felt truly challenged. Thank you.”

Critical Issues in Policing, Fall 2018

“Fair yet challenging”

Critical Issues in Policing, Spring 2018

“His top priority was the student”

“The instructor was fair and consistent in his policies. He clearly demonstrated that his top priority was the student successfully understanding the material being presented. I would take another course from this instructor.”

Critical Issues in Policing, Spring 2018

“He truly cares”

“This guy knows his material. One of the most informed professors I have taken. He truly cares about his students and knows how to make class interesting and help students learn.”

Critical Issues in Policing, Spring 2019

Courses taught

  • Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Survey of the Criminal Justice System
  • Patterns of Criminal Behavior
  • Critical Issues in Policing
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Juvenile Delinquency & Rehabilitation
  • Deviant Behavior
  • Criminalistics
  • Police Process
  • Contemporary Issues in Policing
  • Police Administration & Organization